Thursday, November 3, 2011

Message from Anonymous to Wall St. and the Protesters

Wall Street... you sit before your trading screens, before your analysis, you are the players of the game, and you play very well. You rig the game even better. You care very little for the lives of average Americans, mere pawns. But you have strongly misread the world. Your complete lack of passion for your fellow man has left you with a grave error. The game is over Wall Street...

This is our Arab Spring, this is our time. Protesters, savor the smell of tear gas. Savor the feeling of pepper spray. Rejoice to your bruises and your tears. You are our generation's counterculture. You are our martyrs. Clench your fists and grind your teeth. Do not be moved and you will have fire breathed into you. Smile at the police. Ignore the pundits. The worse it gets, the stronger you become. The more hopeless your movement looks, the closer you are to success. You will be written into history. You will be backed up. We will not let your cries go idle. We will not allow your fire to be smothered. 

We are Anonymous.

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