Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Libertarian Hackery

Holy schmoley does the book trailer video to Sylvia Nasar's new book look terrible. Is there anything more blatantly wrong than half of what this trailer espouses? How did Nasar do so well writing A Beautiful Mind but get things so wrong with this book? Now, admittedly, I haven't read it, but do I really have to? The book trailer credits Herbert Hoover for bringing the country out of the Great Depression, and attacks John Maynard Keynes' personal investment mistakes leading up to the Great Depression... mistakes which probably helped him better understand economics and led him to write General Theory.

Where did I find this link? In another awful ESPN article written by Libertarian Hack of the First Order, Gregg Easterbrook. I tried to comment on the article, but my comment was deleted. Which means ESPN / Disney think it's fine for one of their writers to spew nonsensical economic and political comments in an article, but it's not okay for their readers to comment on it.


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