Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Journamalism - CNN Edition

CNN, in what I imagine was some lame attempt to court the wingnut demographic, allowed Rick Warren to publish a post on the CNN homepage that remained up there for most of this past weekend. The post's title and Warren's main point profess a belief that the church is the world's most powerful weapon in the fight against AIDS in both Africa and around the world.

Most people only need to read that far to know that the article probably doesn't pass the smell test. After all, when has the church ever done more harm than good in educating, informing and helping eradicate sexually transmitted diseases? Without even reading the article most people know the church is much more likely to make STD problems worse by preaching abstinence (which has been proven, over and over and over again not to work) and maintaining an intolerant, hostile attitude towards all other methods. I mean really, this is pretty common sense. And, like I said, anybody with half a brain would probably recognize that Warren's op/ed doesn't pass the smell test.

But the people at CNN don't have more than half a brain. So being the outstanding journalistic organization they are, they let Warren publish his op/ed on the front page. Little do they know (apparently) that far from doing anything in Africa to actually help the AIDS problem, Warren is actually making it worse by preaching -- you guessed it -- abstinence!!!

Also, he holds "condom burning" events.


Here's Max Blumenthal doing the heavy lifting on this almost two years ago... nice to know that CNN can't even bother to do a Google search, and instead felt like setting fire to their journalism credentials.

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